NTW Self-Care Service for Cisco Jabber

Most functionalities and phone services may only be centrally administrated and changed in Cisco UCM. Thanks to the NTW Self-Care Service for Cisco Jabber, many settings and functionalities can be managed by the end user themselves.

This brings enhanced service and comfort to the terminal and simultaneously unburdens the IT department. These functionalities are provided directly in Cisco Jabber:

Forwarding profiles
Forwardings may be set easily and flexibly. All calls may be forwarded to the same target but it’s also possible to differentiate between internal and external calls or if the user is busy or away. Beside the classic forwarding to voicemail an individual forwarding to a user-defined target may be chosen. Read more

Presence-based Routing
Thanks to the NTW Self-Care Service, individual forwarding profiles can be set up depending on the own Jabber status (away, do not disturb, busy, meeting, presentation, offline). The forwarding target is set to an internal or external number by the user.

Hunt Group Login / Logout
The assigned Hunt Groups as well as the own status per group are shown directly in Cisco Jabber. Each user may log on to or off from any or all groups simultaneously. Read more

Function Call Waiting
Each user decides for themselves if the “call waiting” functionality is to be used on their phone. Using only one mouse click, the user may toggle this functionality. Read more

Availability profiles (blacklist / whitelist)
The blacklist defines contacts which may not reach the user. For each of those contacts a corresponding action may be chosen: drop the call or forward it to voicemail / an individual target.
The whitelist on the other hand contains only those contacts which can reach the user. All calls from other numbers are dropped. Every user is able to set up their individual white- and blacklists in Jabber. Read more

Phone Lock / Lockout
The lock-out functionality can be used directly in Cisco Jabber. An active lock is symbolised by an icon showing a closed lock. To lock / unlock the phone (or line) the user needs a valid PIN / password. Read more

Manage Voice Recordings
All recorded calls are displayed with their respective time, source and target in the call management directly in Cisco Jabber. Using the extensive search the desired call can be found quickly and saved locally. Read more

Password change
The NTW password as well as the CUCM PIN may be changed using this Self-Care Service functionality.

All settings made in Cisco Jabber are then also applied to the own IP phone.