Now even simpler: Cisco provisioning with NTW

Thanks to NTW Provisioning, the set-up of Cisco IP phones becomes even simpler and faster. Initial provisioning or follow-up modifications are made easy with new functionalities and flexible templates.


  • Your choice: manual, semi-manual or automatic provisioning
  • Direct import of user data with user level from database (e.g. Active Directory)
  • Automatic allocation of numbers
  • Writing back data to Active Directory
  • Allocation of phones and applications depending on site and user level
  • If required, edit selected user data manually in template
  • Trigger rollout provisioning by user log-in

Dynamic interaction with data sources

With NTW, user data from different sources may be merged and unified. Use existing data from various sources like Active Directory (LDAP) and write information back to the source.

Manual provisioning: manual add, move, change, delete

Set-up, modify or choose users manually. Assign roles and functions yourself and create templates.

Semi-manual provisioning: bulk provisioning, check manually

Import bulk data automatically and modify them upon your request. Select users, templates or configuration information during data import or manual assignment. Benefit from functions like automatic allocation of numbers and stay flexible by overwriting selected user data in the templates during the release process.

Automatic provisioning in interaction with data sources

Use existing data from various sources. Create your own templates and define which user information (e.g. site, user level) shall be used. Numbers may thereby be allocated automatically. The templates determine which services (phones, applications) users are provided with – depending on their level. During the rollout the provisioning process can now be initialised by the users themselves – entirely without entering the phone serial number (phone MAC address).

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