Provisioning – fast and reliable

NTW Software provides a solution for the fast and easy administration and configuration of Cisco UCM.

Using NTWphone Provisioning all your adds, moves and changes of phones and profiles are done easily. Connect your HR Software, Active Directory (LDAP) or database (SQL or ODBC) for standardized, full or semi-provisioning of your Cisco Unified Communication System and NTW 3rd party software.

Configuration made easy

NTW’s Provisioning reduces the time to manage the CUCM environment dramatically and helps to prevent errors by manual administration. It is multi tenant and Cisco multi clustering capable.

All these features and functionalities are included:

  • User data, organizational data interface, such as:
    • Multiple Datasources
      • Active Directory (LDAP)
      • all databases via ODBC
      • Webservices REST API
      • scheduled .txt /.csv imports
    • Merging user data from different sources
    • Unify user data by regular expressions
  • Create templates for:
    • Tenants (multi tenancy)
    • Sites
    • Users
    • Phones and functions
  • Numbering Plan Management
  • Provisioning as an automated, scheduled
    or manual process
    • Provisioning of: Cisco Users / Profiles, Phones (Cisco Phones and VC Devices, Jabber – e.g. mobile), Unity VoiceMail, Remote Destination, Device Profiles, Phone Services
    • NTW 3rd party software:
      • NTWcall Attendant Console
      • NTWphone Phone Services: Call List, Group / Management Group, Phone Lock, Availability, Middleware IO, Meta-Directory
      • NTWstat Statistics
      • NTWcount Billing

Ready for new customers or clients

NTW‘s Provisioning is also suited for companies with several customers or clients – sub-systems can be easily established or edited thanks to the dial number plans and integrated templates.