eCare terminal –
multi-media bedside

Up to now, the Wiener Donauspital and nine hospitals in Upper Austria are equipped with a multi-media solution for patients to make the hospital stay as comfortable as possible. The bedside terminals hosted by A1 Telekom offer comfortable services like television or radio as well as internet, video shop and patient telephony, which are easily consumed and billed thanks to the NTW software solution. NTW offers great support with NTWcount Hospitality as central and multi-tenant-aware solution for patient accounting and NTWcall as call processing service. Special emphasis has been placed on high availability and easy servicing of the solution.

Easy accounting and reporting

NTWcount is the accounting and reporting system for telephony, rents and articles. Using the integrated hospitality functionality for Cisco Call Manager, invoicing may be easily extended to patients/guests. From typical check-in/check-out to invoicing of accumulated fees/rents, NTWcount offers the best possible support for this patient service.

Professional call switching

NTWcall supports companies and institutions flexibly and reliably with their call processing. The versatile but easy search functionalities allow fast switching to the correct contact. Especially for hotels and hospitals, the call processing may be easily extended to patients and guests with the integrated hospitality module for Cisco Call Manager. The search query selectively includes name, terminal or room number. With this, NTW supports the reliable control and accounting of all calls.

Connection to central terminal

NTW also secures the connection consisting of the direct interface to the separate terminals. The terminal offers individual, free and charged services. The usage of charged services requires sufficient balance which is then debited by NTW.

Beside the Wiener Donauspital, many hospitals in Upper Austria are already equipped with the eCare bedside terminal. The multi-media entertainment programme and bedside service will soon be the standard for modern hospitals which value the patient’s comfort.

More information about the eCare terminal (in German): A1 Telekom