Based on a Cisco environment with the new technology Cisco Jabber Guest, NTW allowed usage of video communication in real-time at the highest level for the first time in 2014. Using this innovative solution, customers are able to transmit voice and video live in HD quality and communicate securely. This is the first usage of video interpreting as a flexible and cost-efficient service. Especially in health care and for asylum seekers this solution has proven to be invaluable.

Connected to your operator in a matter of seconds

The video solution promises the transfer to a qualified interpreter in 7 seconds on average. All applying privacy protection laws are observed. Delivering highest quality is top priority, this also extends to the interpreters: each one has a college degree and additional training in health care, judiciary, management and welfare. At the moment, more than 30 languages are provided – with more to come.

Innovative technology: Cisco Jabber Guest and NTWcall Routing

NTWcall Routing provides a clear administration and real-time display of available languages and interpreters. The customer – e.g. a doctor – selects the desired language (and interpreter, if wanted) and immediately the conversation can be interpreted directly on the PC, iPad, Cisco DX80, etc.. All data transfer between interpreter and customer is securely encrypted and never routed via a private network. At the same time, NTW allows automated invoicing of video interpreter services for the operating company.

Additional applications of video interpreters

The flexible and cost-efficient video interpreter solution is not only in high demand for health care and asylum seekers. Already, it finds more and more application in other fields as well: communal institutions and agencies, police, emergency medical services and fire brigades.

More information about video interpreting (in German): SAVD Videodolmetschen GmbH