Attendant Console

Operate on Success

NTWcall provides an attendant console for companies which flexibly and reliably supports call operating, be it as a single-user or multi-client system. The solution has no limit as to how many agents may be logged on at the same time. The additional, queue-independent calendar and holiday control allows an optimal centralisation of call operating tasks in the company – even spanning multiple domestic and international sites.

Automatic call routing with skill-based caller distribution

Queued calls are ranked by an individual scoring system. At the same time, agent-skill assignments allow each caller to be transferred to the most suitable, free agent across all queues. The integrated AbA functionality allows easy uploading of audio files and configuring them for a selected queue.

Customised attendant interface

The interface can be individually customised to match the operating tasks and the agent’s preferences while always staying clear and easy-to-use. The versatile-but-simple search functionality allow fast transferring to the correct contact.

Integrated presence statuses 

Integrated presence statuses offer a maximum overview of the phone status (Cisco IP-Phone, Cisco Softphone), the current presence status (WebexApp, Cisco Jabber, Microsoft Teams) and support a clear time recording and organisation of appointments via calender availability and preview of upcoming appointments (Exchange OnPremise or O365). Thanks to modern message functionalities call back requests or calender entries can be easily transmitted via various channels. Call notes for instance can be transmitted via eMail using a template which will be populated with the caller information automatically.

Cisco Attendant Console with complete overview and control

Thanks to the NTW LiveMonitor, the service level stays under maximum control with different views and integrated alarming. NTW’s additional call and attendant statistics provide comprehensive support for quality management.

Flexible usage

  • As single-user or for multiple sites/clients
  • In network, as hosting or cloud solution
  • Independently from device or operating system: Cisco phone, browser, Windows client


  • Hardware
  • Software
  • ICT system
  • Phones



4 CPUs (Cores)
Gigabit-/Fast-Ethernet network interface card
120 GB hard disk for installation
Virtualization supported (VMware & HyperV)


Microsoft Windows 2019 or 2016
NTWcall Base


Cisco Unified Communications Manager 10.x (and higher)


Cisco IP Phone Series 6900, 7800, 7900, 8800, 8900, 9900, DX Series, Jabber and Cisco IP Communicator