Call List

Call list on IP phone

Thanks to NTWphone Call List comprehensive call lists can be viewed and used on IP phones. Each (sub-) list may be displayed using filters:

  • Lost calls (also on busy)
  • Called numbers
  • Taken calls

Optionally, an optical and acoustic signalling with a pre-defined interval may be configured.

The call list contains number, date and time of lost calls. At the same time the original target, the forwarding number and the initiator of the forwarding is shown.

Individual entries of the call list may be directly called or deleted in the list. After the call-back has been executed the entry will be removed from the list.

Integration Directory Service and Extension Mobility

The call list is enriched with the appropriate caller names if reverse lookup is activated via NTWphone Directory.

All call lists are also available if “Extension Mobility” is used. After login on any internal phone the lists can be viewed and used as usual.

Call list in Jabber (Web Call List)

The call list is also accessible via a WebTab in Jabber, a browser or on the Cisco DX650. By default, the web call list shows all calls. Using NTWphone Directory, the name may be shown additionally to caller number, time and date.

The integrated filter by date and call type determines which calls are visible. Each entry may be called directly from the list.


  • Hardware
  • Software
  • ICT system
  • Phones

4 CPUs (Cores)
Gigabit-/Fast-Ethernet network interface card
120 GB hard disk for installation
Virtualization supported (VMware & HyperV)

Microsoft Windows 2019 or 2016
NTWphone Server
Optional Directory / UDS

Cisco Unified Communications Manager 10.x (and higher)

  • Cisco IP Phone-series with display (supported by Cisco)
  • Jabber