Reference reports

NTW Software possesses more than 10 years of market experience. We will show you some examples from our reference list here. Customers which stand for successfully realised projects.


Based on a Cisco environment with the new technology Cisco Jabber Guest, NTW allowed usage of video communication in real-time at the highest level for the first time in 2014. Using this innovative solution, customers are able to transmit voice and video live in HD quality and communicate securely. This is the first usage of video interpreting as a flexible and cost-efficient service. Especially in health care and for asylum seekers this solution has proven to be invaluable.


The commitment starts with the customer’s call: Each call shall be connected friendly, fast and reliably to the correct correspondent. The task of the communication solution is to support this goal in the best way possible. Discovered potential for improvement regarding reliability, transparency and clarity could not be tapped with the previously used attendant software. Reason enough to look for a new, fitting attendant solution with maximum service commitment.

Stadtwerke Feldkirch (SWF)

While renewing Stadtwerke Feldkirch’s PBX solution in 2011, additional services were demanded alongside the internal communication infrastructure: This contains the classic house installation as well as extensive server functionality and typical hotel services. Since then the following NTW solutions have been successfully in use at SWF: Attendant console solution NTWcall, Check-in / check-out of guests including individual single invoicing, easy reporting and invoicing of all communication costs, efficient controlling and quality management with NTW’s hospitality solution and NTWcount.